Founded on the principles of Integrity, Commitment, & Excellence – principles tested during the founders’ time in the military – The Albers Group is a family of companies operating with the goal of delivering industry leading products and services while endeavoring to make our employee’s lives better.

Fundamentally we believe that we can deliver excellence to our clients in our product offerings and services while making the lives of those we work with better.

Our principles are seasoned former naval aviators with many of us possessing experience in drone applications. We have extensive experience in flight test, having worked in and commanded Department of the Navy and US Marine Corps flight test squadrons. We also know FAA regulations like no other having spent time where it mattered to understand the regulations and to understand how to most effectively navigate the FAA system. We have unique relationships that will enable us to ensure our clients’ success in their drone application desires.


John is a retired Marine Colonel and former naval aviator. He was the first Marine to command VX-20. During his command time, he oversaw the Broad Area Maritime Surveillance – Demonstration (BAMS-D, a Global Hawk modified for USN work) operations which were the precursor to the BAMS as well as the initial formation of the Triton (the USN modified Global Hawk BAMS article) test team.

Following a short stint with Raytheon post-military, John launched The Albers Group in 2014/15 and hasn’t looked back. Besides the aerospace manufacturing interests, John is active in general and business aviation. He has started a part 91 flight operations department, is an active pilot with over 4350 hours in 54 different types of aircraft – holding type ratings in the BE300, L-382 and L-382J. John is also a part 107 certificated remote pilot. John is also an active business participant in other non-aviation entities.


Chris Huebner brings over two decades of diverse aviation experience to The Albers Group, to include various roles in military aviation, general aviation, government regulator, and higher education. Originally trained as a Naval Aviator, Chris qualified in the P-3C (Instructor / Check Airman), T-6A (Instructor), UC-12 (Instructor / Check Airman) and C-130 aircraft.

Prior to joining The Albers Group Drones, Chris worked at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as the assistant policy and implementation lead for 14 CFR part 107 (Small Unmanned Aircraft Systems), Chris was instrumental in forming the part 107 waiver team. He developed the initial performance-based standards for all part 107 waiver applications along with the associated means of compliance. Chris processed the very first part 107 waivers and he created the special provisions that appear in granted waivers. He also updated the Waiver Safety Explanation Guidelines that appear on the FAA website. Mr. Huebner also processed the initial Section 2210 BVLOS exemptions. He created the applicable conditions and limitations for those operations.


Our team has extensive in military and general aviation. We know large and small UAS having worked in the Class 5 large catefgory on the Global Hawk and Triton programs. We have FAA experience including time in the FAA Headquarters working policy from General Aviation compliance to Part 107 rulemaking. We also possess Part 135 experience with plans for expansion in our near future. With our knowledge of all sides of US Aerospace Spectrum we will deliver excellence and results to our clients.

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